On the subpages of the units menu, there are brief descriptions of each of the four units for the course which are organized around these four basic themes:

The units are designed to be flexible so that the course could be a full year or half year offering.  Alternatively, individual units could also be added to existing courses of world studies.  The curriculum has been organized into four units, each reflecting 25% of the school year.  A single unit could be inserted into an existing World Studies or International Relations course.  Two units, such as the first along with either the second or third could be combined to make a semester course; the first unit would need to be a starting point because of the content background for later units and the skill building included in this first unit.  Additionally, students could take the first half and then opt to continue for the second.

Full Year Semester Option 1 Semester Option 2
Unit I: The New World [dis]Order Unit I: The New World [dis]Order Unit I: The New World [dis]Order
Unit II: America Since 9-11 Unit II: America Since 9-11 Unit III: The “Arab Spring”
Unit III: The “Arab Spring”    
Unit IV: Globalization