About the Sources pages

On the Sources pages for each unit are the materials used to put together this first draft of the course.  Clearly many of these will need to be updated frequently to keep pace with rapidly changing global events.  Given the speed of change and the plethora of materials, I would welcome any suggestions on good articles and other materials to add to the resources listed for each of the four units.  At the bottom of each of the Sources pages, you will find a comment box.  If you have ideas for additional materials or sources which you think should be substituted, please list them there with appropriate links – if possible.  If you are teaching the course and find that some materials work better than others, please add these comments as well.

  • The annotations for many of the articles listed in the “Sources” pages are directly copied from EBSCO and are available on the EBSCO database.
  • There are a variety of sources representing different points of view and different reading levels.
  • Articles that are in the curriculum of the course are in Dark Azure text; additional articles are those I used for background information.
  • Materials which will need to be purchased are in Green text; some are available electronically, others are in print only.  I have provided most links.
  • Links to materials found on the web, such as YouTube clips, are located in the Day by Day Plans for each unit.