Applicable NH GSEs

SS:CV:12:1.3: Evaluate how the purposes of government have been interpreted
SS:CV:12:3.1: Discuss the impact on world affairs and the United States’ response to environmental, economic, and technological issues
SS:CV:12:3.2: Discuss the relationship between domestic and foreign policy
SS:CV:12:3.3: Discuss the impact of United States’ contributions to the ideals of democracy and representative government on world affairs
SS:EC:12:5.3: Examine how various national economic policies have led to changes in the international economy
SS:GE:12:2.2: Investigate how relationships between humans and the physical environment lead to the  formation of ‘place’
SS:GE:12:2.4: Utilize regions to analyze geographic issues
SS:GE:12:2.5: Recognize that places and regions serve as symbols for individuals and societies
SS:GE:12:4.2: Distinguish how culture traits shape the character of a region
SS:GE:12:4.3: Recognize the increasing economic interdependence of the world’s countries
SS:GE:12:4.5: Demonstrate how cooperation and conflict are involved in shaping the distribution of social, political, and economic spaces on Earth at different scales
SS:GE:12:4.6: Identify economic activities in more developed or less developed countries and their evolution
SS:GE:12:5.6:  Evaluate the management and use of renewable, non-renewable, flow and potential resources
SS:HI:12:2.5: Investigate United States involvement in and/or  conflict with regional and international organizations
SS:HI:12:4.4: Examine how economic interactions have occurred on an increasingly global scale
SS:WH:12:1.2: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of international and regional political organizations
SS:WH:12:2.4: Evaluate the effectiveness of attempts to regulate warfare and sustain peaceful contacts
SS:WH:12:3.1: Describe how people’s differences in religion have often led to conflict in regions of the world
SS:WH:12:3.4: Consider how art, music, and literature often reflect or influence major ideas, values and conflicts of particular time periods
SS:WH:12:4.5: Consider the relationship between weapons development and political or economic power