a dynamic, flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum designed to foster global awareness and citizenship

The objective of the high school course on this web site is to provide an interdisciplinary course that would focus on the complexities of the current global community through the multiple lenses possible when combining disciplines.  The content of contemporary history is one of the three critical elements of the course. The two others are skill development and the disposition to be informed, interested, caring global citizens. [The Course Outline is available as a pdf at the bottom of the page.]

 Some of the goals that drive this course are:

•  to make constant connections among disciplines.

•  to teach contemporary history, the umbrella discipline and as a narrative.

•  to assume students want to be knowledgeable about the world.

•  to set high expectations and help students achieve them.

 On this web site there are:
•  Detailed lesson plans: Daily lessons are organized around focus      questions which drive the exploration and discussion of topics.
•  Assignment calendars: Day by Day Plans for each unit also have a
calendar view, showing the sequence of homework and classroom
assignments and assessments.
•  Curriculum materials & resources: Underneath each day’s focus question are the various classroom activities and materials.
•  James Nachtwey’s images used in this curriculum

Course Design

SkeletonThe design of this course, “Global Issues Since the Fall of the Wall,” is similar to the anatomical overlays in the encyclopedias published years ago. The Common Core State Standards and the 21st Century Skills from which they are derived form the foundation upon which each unit is built.  Embedded in the content of each unit are many of the NH Grade Span Expectations (GSEs). 

Images for course designTo address the overarching question of how the global paradigm has changed since the end of the Cold War, this course includes four units, each taking 25% of the school year. Each of these units is driven by its own essential question.


Course Outline can be downloaded here as a pdf file.
Course Outline for web site