About Janika

For countless years I used to admire all of these travel bloggers who quit their jobs and bought THAT life changing “one way ticket” to experience the world. Until the day when I suddenly realized that I have bought THAT „one way ticket“ already a really long time ago.

I have…

  • seen the most beautiful Simen mountains in Ethiopia
  • lived in Jordanian desert for a week
  • hitchhiked through whole Scandinavia up to Nordkap where I put up my tent few minutes after I was told that it’s not allowed
  • lived in Kenya in one of the word’s biggest refugee camp for 5 weeks,
  • seen the Syrian refugees living in a camp in Jordan, I have lived in a mudhut for half a year
  • camped in crazy wind and rain in Scotland. I have traveled in Africa and Asia, Europe and North America.
  • spent 3 years of my life living in a small village in Kenya
  • learnt Swahili language in Tanzania just next to the Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • visited Kampala, Uganda for numerous times and had a totally different experience every single time
  • took train through Tanzania in every possible direction

Although I have lived in Sweden and UK, traveled in North America and Asia, when people ask me about my travels, it very fast ends up with me solely sharing my African experiences. Yes, it all started from Africa and comes back to Africa so very often.

Ten years from now I only used to dream about such experiences and somehow it was difficult to believe that one day I really get there. It required some sacrifices and hard work to be able to experience the amazing world and too rarely I think about the long way I have come to get where I am. Thinking about the long journey makes me thankful and humble. I have followed my heart, my passion and determination, which has resulted in eventful journey in different parts of the world as community development and humanitarian aid worker, student, tourist, traveler, volunteer.

I want to share my highs and lows and to bring you the places less and more traveled.

Join me on my journey! 🙂